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Your Stories,
Our Passion.

Your book is anything but ordinary, and we believe its publishing journey should reflect that uniqueness. At Kalypso Publishing, we offer more than a cookie-cutter approach. Our personalized support, unwavering commitment to quality, and innovative mindset distinguish us from other publishers. With our seasoned team by your side, we’ll craft a customized publishing plan, ensuring that every effort aligns seamlessly with your book’s vision. Experience a worry-free process where your book’s potential truly shines.

Build Your Brand

Authorship is a highly effective strategy to expand your business opportunities. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a dynamic brand image that sets you apart. 


Book Review & Editing

Our expert team will meticulously proofread your manuscript, offer developmental editing, and craft a captivating book cover tailored just for you.

Digital Upload

Once your book is polished and in its final format, it’s ready for distribution! Our team will upload it to various platforms and arrange for physical copies if desired.


We kick off social media promotions before your book launch. Post-publication, we strategically amplify exposure through additional targeted efforts. 

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Tapping into Social Media's Influence

Kalypso Publishing offers an all-encompassing suite of marketing services precisely crafted to amplify your visibility and propel your success. Our customized approach taps into the dynamic force of social media marketing, curating captivating content across various platforms. We specialize in nurturing a compelling online persona, leveraging your unique author brand, and fostering genuine connections with your readers.

In addition to our core services, we employ strategic book launch events, targeted media outreach, and collaborative efforts within the literary community. Our innovative strategy includes the creation of a professionally designed author website and an engaging podcast. For those seeking broader outreach, we also offer supplementary podcast services to extend your book’s impact and connect with a wider audience.

Clear Strategic Plans

A podcast plan helps define clear objectives and goals for the podcast. Whether it's to promote a book or build a community, or share expertise, having a plan provides a roadmap to achieve those objectives.


Elevate your author journey by launching a captivating podcast. With our expertise in podcast development, we'll help you connect with a broader audience, share your unique voice, and amplify the impact of your book.

Personalized Content

Personalized content allows authors to share authentic stories, experiences, and insights. This authenticity helps build a genuine connection with the audience, fostering a sense of trust and relatability.

Community Support

A podcast allows authors to connect in a more personal way. Building a community through a podcast creates a dedicated space for ongoing engagement, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.


Kalypso Publishing's friendly staff, professional service, and excellent branding have reignited my passion for my professional journey, and I can't wait to get started on my podcast!  Highly recommend!

~ Avery Quinn, Author


Our price for services starts at $10,625. We charge half of the cost up front and half prior to publication. Authors wanting more robust promotional services can expect to pay an additional 25-30%. 

Additional Services

Occasionally, there may be extra costs, such as ghostwriting, advanced editing, or added formatting needs. These will be assessed on an individual basis. Our goal is to ensure complete financial transparency.


Financing your book’s publication is an important consideration for every author.  Our array of payment options ensures that funding won't be an obstacle on your journey. We will work together to find the right options for you. 

Payment Options

Kalypso Publishing takes all forms of payment including credit and debit cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash App Pay. We also accept AfterPay, which allows you to make smaller installments over time.


*Some of these services incur additional processing fees. Please contact us for a complete list of applicable fees.

I love the team at Kalypso Publishing. They have been patient and so helpful with all of my questions and unique requests. I've never done this before and appreciate their clear communication and the ideas they offered to make my project successful.  

This Month's Recommended Book

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A workbook companion to the Thrive Mind app.

Ask us about developing a Mobile App to promote your book or business.


We're here to answer all of your questions and meet you exactly where you are along your publishing journey.

Thanks for contacting us! A member of our team will reach out to you shortly. 

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